How to sell

Who can sell their items here?

– We accept consigned vehicles and other items from both dealers and private owners alike. You must be at least 18 years old to consign an item with us.

What can I bring in?

– Bring in your vehicles both everyday and classic, heavy equipment, RVs, snowmobiles, boats, motorcycles, other toys, trailers, etc. Vehicles will be test-driven and anything with a motor will be started up to be sure it’s in working condition.

When do I need to have my item there for auction?

– Vehicles are accepted Monday through Friday, 8am until 4pm, until the Monday before auction OR until the lot fills. We are not open on weekends for drop off.

What do I need to bring when consigning my vehicle for auction?

– When bringing in your vehicle to sell, it must be accompanied by a clear title in the seller’s name and be able to have the VIN or identifying number verified. The title must be free of all liens and encumbrances. (Registration for untitled items such as boat trailers must be provided as a means of verification and ownership transfer for item.)

How much does it cost to run my item through the auction?

– It is a flat rate of $200 to run your item through the auction with a reserve or minimum asking price, $100 to run it without a reserve, or $100 if the item does not sell (regardless of whether the item had a reserve).

– PFAA must be given a “No Reserve” communication at drop off for items intended or items will be considered reserved.

Can I set a reserve or minimum asking price on my items?

– Consignors are welcome to set a minimum asking amount on their item.

– If the bidding does not meet this reserve during the auction, the item will not sell. If the item doesn’t sell, the consignor has the option to run the vehicle one more time in the following auction for another run fee, or pay the no sell fee and retrieve the item by th4e following Friday.

– Consignors can attend the auction to protect the reserve, or lower it if the bidding reaches a price they are comfortable with selling it at. PFAA also tries to call consignors not in attendance if the bidding gets close but cannot guarantee this as each lot last roughly 1-2 minutes.

What is the test drive that my vehicles will go on?

– All vehicles that are entered into the auction must go on a test drive of up to 40/ 45mph where features of the driving capability are tested. This is a generalized assessment and notations are only made of things that cannot be noticed in a stationary inspection. We do not test all gears or things like cruise control or 4-wheel drive.

– All vehicles are sold in “As-ls” condition with no warranties or guarantees.

Do I need to leave the vehicle onsite for the auction?

– All items are required to be on-site, as we hold public preview days the Thursday and Friday before the auction from 8am until 5pm, as well as the morning of the auction from 8am until 9:30am. Items are also driven through the auction and need to be available for pick up the moment that they are won and sold to the bidder.

When will my check be ready?

– Checks are ready for all consignors the Wednesday following the auction with the run fees for items sold and unsold deducted from them.

– Private consignors will need to sign off on their title before receiving their check.

We test drive each vehicle looking for issues that cannot be noticed in a stationary inspection. Issues found will be notated in the catalog. All vehicles are sold in “AS-IS condition with no warranties expressed or implied.

We will have your vehicle available for “Preview” on Thursday and Friday prior to auction date, from 8am-5pm. Your vehicle will be run in the auction on Saturday, which begins at 10am sharp.

We charge a flat $100 fee for running your vehicle through the auction. You have the option of being at the auction to “Protect” the price your vehicle brings. If the vehicle sells, the $100 fee will be deducted from your consignors check. If you opt not to sell the vehicle, you must pay the $100 fee and retrieve your vehicle.

We will have your consignors check available for pick up on the Wednesday following the auction. If you prefer, checks can be mailed.